Company Profile

Giftland Products Company's team members have over ten years of experience searching for gifts, to ensure we can find the most favorite gifts for the customers. By the offer quotation, drawing, arrange production service, every detail can hope to achieve perfection. 

A gift coming, to represent the company on his mind exclusively to the customers, you can enhance the company's image. Thereby lay a good working relationship with the customers.


We value every customer inquiries, maintain good relations of cooperation.


A sincere attitude to serve the customers, providing a good and practical advice, give full play to our professional skills.


Customers collecting the latest and most high-quality products, smooth production, the quality test, peace of mind to the front of the clients.


Customer-oriented, setting reasonable.

We have established a completed procurement system, in order to win high-quality products, welcome customers to email / telephone inquiries.

Giftland Products Company

Address: Room 1103, 11/F SUP Tower, No. 75 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Tel: 92217097
Fax: 28347280
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